Virtual Selling Skills Training

The opportunity for companies to be able to effectively sell in a virtual setting is as critical today as it ever has been. Dardis Communications’ Virtual Selling Skills program has been designed to support people looking to effectively persuade and move their audiences to action.

Using a profile of an actual customer as a guide, participants learn persuasive dialogue, questioning techniques and confident closes.

Program Takeaways

  • Create a natural rapport with customers and prospects
  • Practice interview techniques to uncover your customer’s motivations and needs
  • Learn a roadmap that structures sales conversations for success
  • Address objections in a considerate manner
  • Lead customers to the close without creating pressure
  • Practice effective closing styles

Program Details

  • Length: Customizable, based on your needs
  • Prework: Participants are asked to bring an overview of an actual customer or business partner to be used throughout the program. Practicing with a real customer in mind helps participants develop sales strategies that are relevant to real business circumstances.
  • Program content is customizable, based on your group’s specific needs.
  • Participants will be recorded and will receive personalized feedback from our coaches


Connect with Dardis to set up a Virtual Communication Skills program.