Virtual Communication Skills Training

Speak as Well as You Think™ Online.

Our virtual training program is comprehensive and built around interactivity and participation. Dardis provides techniques for online and video environments, delivering a training experience that’s practical, personalized, and immediately applicable to on-the-job situations.

Our Virtual Communication Skills training programs can be delivered virtually or in-person, onsite. The choice is yours!

Program Takeaways

  • Connect with audience members during virtual meetings
  • Manage pace/speed and eliminate non-words
  • Master your body language when presenting virtually
  • Learn to present slides and other visual aids in any virtual or online environment
  • Receive in-the-moment feedback from experienced faculty

Program Details

  • Length: Customizable, based on your needs
  • Prework: Participants are asked to bring a relevant presentation example to the program
  • Program content can be adjusted for your group’s specific needs
  • Participants will be recorded and will receive personalized feedback from our coaches

Connect with Dardis to set up a Virtual Communication Skills program.