The Dardis Foundation

The Mission

The Dardis Foundation is dedicated to helping young adults bridge the gap from classroom to career. This unique program teaches young adults fundamental skills that go beyond the traditional classroom experience. Students learn how to overcome their #1 fear – public speaking. In addition, they learn to manage their professional image, telephone, email and business etiquette, selling skills, listening skills, and how to build a professional network.


Giving Back

Developing people is our culture at Dardis. That’s why the company, its employees, and The Dardis Foundation, Inc. work together to give back and develop young adults.

Our charitable giving is based on a simple philosophy: by developing young adults with the skills and tools they need to be successful in life, we are able to make the greatest impact.

At Dardis, our training goes beyond traditional classroom learning. It’s about teaching young adults fundamental skills that will help them succeed in the real-world.

To make a difference, we partner with many nonprofits across the country. One example is our partnership with Resources Unite. In 2020, Dardis donated over $600,000 in professional interviewing apparel to help the less fortunate as they seek new employment opportunities.

Dardis provides financial support and training to numerous organizations like United Way, Young Women’s Resource Center, Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters and more.


Learn, Earn & Return

The Dardis Foundation invests in preparing young adults through professional training and development. We teach students fundamental skills in order for them to earn a respectable income, and eventually return their talents and treasures to society and their communities. In 2020 The Dardis Foundation launched a high school program to provide these skills to students getting ready to enter the ‘real-world’.

We recognize the significant challenges our youth face when it comes to life and communication skills. Employers are seeing a major decrease in oral and written communication. The Dardis Foundation was formed to specifically address this growing problem. Dardis is excited to be partnering with like-minded people and organizations to help provide these life changing skills.