Improve Your Credibility by Not Being Perfect


Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t?  Admitting you’re not perfect can actually enhance your credibility.

Credibility springs from a willingness to admit to faults and mistakes. In fact, admitting a mistake often will make you seem more approachable and sincere.

If you are in a management or coaching situation, it can be particularly effective to share some of your own experiences and what you learned from your mistakes—especially when talking with someone who is currently struggling with an issue. Revealing that you made a flawed decision can actually earn you respect, make others more willing to accept constructive criticism from you and receive credit when you offer it.

Being a credible person is a valuable asset. Our words and the language choices we make have a huge impact on how we develop a sincere and honest reputation and how others perceive us. It takes vigilance and effort to maintain a reputation for honesty—but the rewards are significant and long lasting.

You can take a major step toward enhancing your credibility by making sure your communication is open, honest, timely and accurate.  Practicing credible communication can do wonders for building your influence and integrity.

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