Professional Presence, Image & Etiquette

Make your best impression

Your professional presence has a huge impact on how you’re perceived and the influence you can command.

In this program, participants learn the elements of a polished image through personal assessment and hands-on practice. Our coaches lead simulations of business situations, helping participants master professionalism and poise in any setting.

Program Takeaways

  • Create lasting, positive impressions
  • Control nerves and communicate with purpose
  • Convey leadership
  • Discover the right professional dress for your body type and your professional goals
  • Evaluate and supplement your professional wardrobe
  • Master business etiquette in meeting, networking and dining situations

Program Details

  • Length: Customizable, based on your needs
  • Participants are asked to complete a wardrobe assessment beforehand

Email Dardis to set up a Professional Presence program.