Leadership Presentation & Image Refresher

Build on your public speaking skills

Even experienced presenters can strengthen their skills.

In our refresher course, your employees will gain a better understanding of their presentation styles and learn practical tips for improving delivery.

Program Takeaways

  • Refine your presentation skills
  • Learn to design an engaging presentation
  • Manage nerves and display confidence
  • Practice storytelling techniques
  • Exude professionalism through attire, introductions and overall presence
  • Manage Q&A sessions with confidence

Program Details

  • Length: Customizable, based on your needs
  • Prework: Participants are asked to bring a relevant presentation example to the program
  • Program content can be adjusted for your group’s specific needs
  • Participants will receive personalized feedback from our coaches and will be recorded

Email Dardis to set up a refresher course.