Dardis Difference

Advance your team’s professional skills

Ignite your team’s potential with a four-phase leadership development program.

Over six to nine months, your team will learn to convey true professionalism. They’ll follow a curriculum that’s designed to reflect your business goals and needs.

Phase 1: Leadership Presentation Skills

Master engaging communication skills through interactive practice and lessons from experts.

  • Captivate audiences with convincing delivery
  • Manage nerves and display confidence
  • Facilitate effective discussions

Phase 2: Professional Presence

Polish your professional presence for a lasting positive impression.

  • Make positive first impressions
  • Discover the right professional dress
  • Master business etiquette in meeting, networking and dining situations

Phase 3: Advanced Leadership Presentation Skills

Further enhance your presentation skills to increase confidence and successful business outcomes.

  • Identify growth areas
  • Understand an audience’s perceptions and needs
  • Learn to open with impact and close with a strong call to action

Phase 4: Personal Coaching

Experience one-on-one coaching and evaluation to maximize career success.

  • Identify professional goals
  • Develop a step-by-step improvement plan
  • Learn through individualized coaching

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