Communication & Image Skills for Interns

You invest in future talent through your internship program. Dardis Communications helps you maximize your investment.

Communication skills consistently rank in the top ten skills that employers are seeking not only for full time employees but interns as well. Dardis Communications can support your efforts by maximizing your investment and getting the most from your internship program. Empower your interns to be their very best when it matters most.

Key Topics

• Managing Personal Brand
• Communicating with Impact
• Implementing Strong Presentation Skills
• Leaving Effective Voicemails
• Writing Purposeful Emails
• Giving an Executive Briefing
• Speaking Impromptu in Meetings

Reap the Benefits

Organizations will:
• Gain a competitive edge by integrating training in recruiting interns
• Increase overall accountability and expectations
• Increase employment offers and acceptance ratios within the organization

Interns will:
• Gain critical skills to be the best version of themselves
• Learn to speak as well as they think in meetings and presentations
• Appreciate the training investment and become more engaged

“Dardis training gave me the skills and tools I needed to put my best foot forward at John Deere. We don’t grow up with this ‘playbook’, but we are all judged on how well we execute in these areas. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to experience this as part of my internship experience.”
– John Deere intern, Summer 2018

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