Keep the momentum going with virtual learning!

An exclusive opportunity for Dardis workshop participants.

Once you’ve attended one of Dardis Communications’ professional programs, continue to strengthen your communication effectiveness with our virtual learning series!

3-step learning format:

  • An interactive course. An informative 30-minute online course—plus a Communication Toolkit that helps you follow along with the material.
  • A hands-on practice session. A chance to showcase your new skills: Create a presentation and upload it to the training portal.
  • One-on-one coaching. A personalized feedback session with a Dardis Communications coach.

10 professional courses:

Learn valuable skills:

      • Build informative, persuasive or compelling messages.
      • Become an engaging speaker, using energy, eye contact and other tips.
      • Speak on the spot or under difficult circumstances.
      • Create more effective in-person and virtual presentations.

Courses start at $345!