How to Maximize Training with The Dardis Development Journey

Dardis training room

Again and again, we received the same request from clients: Can you put together a program that’s a full solution that gives us the “best of the best” of Dardis training?

The team began to brainstorm. Meeting our client’s needs is always a top priority. After a while, a solution emerged that offers the best value and ensures that our training sticks: The Dardis Journey.

The journey includes multiple phases—each phase building on the next. This layering process helps the skills “stick” and that’s where we see individuals and teams improve the most.

Clients love it because it’s customized to serve them best, and the process and journey have proven to have an immediate impact.

One client in the banking industry reported a 23% spike in sales after their people completed the journey. They were thrilled with the return on their investment and attributed the revenue gains to Dardis’ hands-on training.

The journey looks different for each client, but here’s one example:

Phase 1: Professional Communication Skills

Gain best practices for all communication settings so you can confidently and persuasively deliver your message.

Phase 2: Virtual Presentation Skills

Learn to adapt your delivery skills to “win” in a virtual environment (critical in today’s hybrid working environment).

Phase 3: Consultative Selling Skills

Learn to advance the dialogue and your recommendations with a proven roadmap based on listening and persuading with influence. 

Phase 4: Leadership Presence & Storytelling

Gain skills in managing your brand, executive presence and the art of storytelling to help move your audience to action.

Phase 5: Reinforcement

Leverage short, self-guided micro-learning modules to keep the momentum going.

After more than 20 years in the training and development industry, we have many resources at our disposal, which is of great value to our clients. We’re experienced enough to take on big companies. At the same time, we’re small enough to remain nimble. That enables us to operate as a boutique business and provide this incredible customized program. Win-win!