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Summer is a fluid time at the office, with alternating vacations that always leave some empty chairs. It’s more pronounced this year, as hybrid and work-from-home models continue to shake out in real-time.

We can help. Our on-site training provides a concrete reason to bring everyone together. We’ll sharpen the skills that have stagnated during the pandemic. When your employees are communicating better, they’ll handle workplace challenges with ease (including those vacant offices). In the dog days of summer, we’ll revive your team!

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One-on-One Coaching Proves ‘Invaluable’

Amanda Buch had heard great feedback about Dardis training from her colleagues. Dardis coaching had helped the sales team at OneSpan, a Chicago-based cybersecurity company, pivot early on during the Covid pandemic, switching from in-person selling to virtual.

“It really helped them adapt,” said Amanda, who is the senior manager of human resources.

When her manager offered her one-on-one Dardis coaching, it was a no-brainer.

“I’ll definitely take advantage of this,” she remembers thinking. “I was involved in speaking globally to our workforce and had critical conversations with executives that I really wanted to get right.”

Soon Amanda was being coached by Senior Instructor Angie Bennett. The impact was immediate – and profound.

“I can’t speak highly enough of how helpful Angie was,” she said. “You know how you look back on certain key moments in your life that helped with your career? I definitely look back on conversations that Angie helped me prepare for that changed the direction for me or helped me be showcased in a positive light.”

Being able to customize the training was priceless,  Amanda said.

“Whatever was upcoming or top of mind, I could share with Angie and she helped me prepare. She processed each scenario so quickly! She took it in, heard me out, appreciated my feelings, and grasped the business ramifications. That was invaluable.”  

Dardis instruction is always practical, she added. “Angie could take whatever I threw at her, boil it down in a clear, concise, actionable way.”

The training on how to brief the boss has been “particularly useful,” Amanda said. It allows a person to position information as an asset to the boss and to ensure continuous support for a project. She uses the technique often.
Ultimately, Dardis coaching helped Amanda press past the good-enough status quo and sharpen her skills.

“Angie helped me prepare to get out of my comfort zone and continue to stretch – and that’s where the growth happens. She helped me do this in a more prepared way. I wasn’t just winging it.”

The results are clear. “I’m able to speak to different viewpoints. I’m able to respond to challenging situations and portray the professional self that I want to. I’ve had positive outcomes in what I’m trying to influence. Some are for myself and some are for others.”

The skillset Amanda gleaned from her Dardis coaching provides ongoing value. “It’s a great resource to put in my arsenal,” she said. “I go back to it whenever I need to. I can take this with me wherever I go.”

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Client Testimonial

“Fantastic! I learned so many valuable pointers that I will definitely implement.”

– Graduate of Leadership Presentation & Image Skills 

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