Happy Summer


Happy Summer! 

Summer is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope the coming months allow for plenty of rest and recreation. You deserve it!



President & CEO



Time for a little R&R: Re-engage and Re-polish

Everyone needs a little R&R, and we’ve got our own version for the workplzace: reconnect with colleagues and re-polish your communications skills. We’re delivering both services, and our clients are reaping huge dividends.

There’s considerable hesitation about returning to the office, marked by a mix of sluggishness and rustiness. Folks are out of practice. As we blend our virtual backgrounds and laptop camera audiences with real people, we want to help our clients transition smoothly. We want to help restore effective, strong communication in the office, while boosting confidence in presenting in person. Dardis continues to develop both skill sets: communicating virtually and in person.

We’re asking our people to be ready, prepared and confident in both platforms. What are you doing to strengthen those skills in you and in your teams? We would love to help.

Dardis training has never been more needed. At a time when it’s really difficult to keep talent – let alone recruit new talent – it’s critical to invest in their professional and personal development. Show your team that you really care and you want them to stay for the long haul. Ease them through this transition. Welcome them back with a Dardis course – you’ll boost their confidence, sharpen their skills and have fun together!

Recommended Reading

Sarah Young’s new book “Expansive Impact” shows readers how to lead in everyday moments. It’s packed with stories and strategies to help make you a more effective leader, overcoming obstacles and rallying your team. The book feels fresh and relevant. I especially appreciated the section titled “The power of good morning” – a reminder to connect with each other every day.

Client Testimonial

“Great program – it made me think of multiple things I never would’ve! The feedback was very detailed, and I liked that it was woven into the presentations and not just saved until later.”

-financial worker and graduate of “Leadership Presentation & Image Skills”

2022 Public Schedule


Leadership Presentation & Image Skills 

September 13th & 14th – Des Moines

November 2nd & 3rd – Des Moines

Consultative Selling Skills

July 20th & 21st – Des Moines


Communication Skills Training 

October 4th & 6th