Saluting Amazing Women | March Newsletter

Saluting Amazing Women

Whether at work or at home, I am surrounded by strong, smart women. This ship wouldn’t run without them! So celebrating Women’s History Month is a natural for me – and it falls, fittingly, when my older daughter turns 14 and my younger daughter turns 7.

I’m always trying to champion young women. One way I do this is by supporting the Young Women’s Resource Center in Des Moines, where our Senior Vice President Maria Volante is on the board.

I hope you’ll join me in saluting the incredible women who make our businesses, communities and homes thrive.


Greg Dardis

President & CEO




How Marie Got the Job

Marie Stroman knew she wasn’t putting her best foot forward.

Her colleagues were affirming her, insisting she was ready to become an athletic conference commissioner. But the feedback from multiple application processes was negative. The search committees said she was low energy. She wasn’t fun.

“It didn’t feel right,” Marie said. “Those comments didn’t feel like myself. I knew there was a disconnect from what my daily work was presenting and the feedback I was receiving from these search committees.”

Then she recalled the tagline of Dardis Communications: Speak as well as you think. That’s what she needed to do! She needed to make her potential more visible, to showcase it readily in a Zoom interview.

So Marie contacted Angie Bennett, who had led a “powerful” workshop for the Women Leaders in College Sports Executive Institute that Marie had never forgotten. She hired Angie to provide personal coaching and was blown away by the impact of their one-on-one sessions.

“Angie broke down every part of the interview process for me,” Marie said. “She helped me figure out what preparation I needed to do and made sure my presentation was killer.”

Angie’s approach was spot-on, Marie said. “She knew how to keep pushing me while still making me feel supported and encouraged. It was the perfect balance.”

Last summer, Marie applied for a prestigious position: Commissioner of the Colonial States Athletic Conference.

“I did exactly what Angie trained me to do,” Marie said. “I felt a lot more confident.”

Not surprisingly, Marie got the job. One of the first people she informed was Angie.

Do you have a mentor like Angie? Who’s in your corner?



Recommended Reading

If you’re feeling burned out or stuck in a rut, pick up Catherine Price’s new book “The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again.” In it, she redefines fun as the presence of playfulness, connection or flow. Then she explains why people who have fun are more productive. There are so many workplace ramifications!

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