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Fall Is In The Air

The beginning of a new school year feels like an invitation for a fresh start: sharp pencils, blank notebooks and endless possibility.

The opportunity to begin anew doesn’t just apply to students. Resolve to be a lifelong learner! Sign up for one of our programs to kick start your fall, boost your confidence and deliver big at work.


President & CEO

Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports

Fall Is In The Air Celebrating with Women Leaders in College Sports

We love watching our instructors pursue their passions!

Senior Instructor Angie Bennett recently spoke at a conference for the Women Leaders Executive Institute, and we continue to hear rave reviews! Angie kicked off the week, presenting to the Division 1 cohort and sharing insights to sharpen their communication skills.

“Angie’s positive energy, professionalism and depth of knowledge on all things communication are so impressive,” said Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports, the premiere leadership organization that develops, connects and advances women working in college sports and beyond. “She is a pro and delivers the content in a relatable and digestible way.”

Patti has had the pleasure of listening to multiple presentations by Angie over the years, and she always leaves with pages of useful notes.

“Angie does a tremendous job of helping the women become self-aware of their communication. Her section on effective communication is always spot-on and allows the women to identify areas they need to work on to be a better communicator. Our favorite quote from Angie is: ‘Rather than perfection, it’s about progression.’”

The feedback that Angie generates is always enthusiastic, Patti said.

“She is always the top-rated session when we engage her in our leadership institutes. People in general – and especially women in our industry – don’t get that type of intensive training anywhere, so it has a tremendous impact.”

We’re proud of Angie for helping to further the mission of Women Leaders in College Sports: to advance women into positions of influence and powerfully shape the landscape of leadership.

“It gives us tremendous inspiration and motivation to be developing, connecting and advancing women at all levels in college sports and beyond,” Patti said. “Seeing women go through our programs and gain new relationships, skills and confidence is what drives our staff every day.”


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