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It has been wonderful working with some of you in person again! We’re happy to ease your transition to on-site meetings, sharpening your skills and boosting your confidence.

Experiencing anxiety or fatigue with the return to in-person work is perfectly normal—and we are here to help.

See you soon!


President & CEO

Empowering Young Adults

DeAundr’e Newsome had just finished his freshman year at Florida A&M when he began a summer internship with an agricultural services company. At the end of the internship, to prepare for their final presentations, the company enlisted Dardis to train the students in public speaking.

DeAundr’e was blown away by how much he learned.

“I could feel how much I improved,” he said. “There were so many useful tips. We did our own exercises and then recorded ourselves, which was eye opening. I didn’t know what I looked like when I was presenting until then.”

DeAundr’e was awed by his instructor, Vice President Tyson Greiner. “He practiced what he preached. He was able to model professional presentation skills and give us instant feedback to incorporate. When you’re young, you use a lot of filler words. I was shocked: I don’t think Tyson used one the entire presentation!”

When it came time to make his final presentation, all the practice paid off. DeAundr’e knocked it out of the ballpark.

In fact, he left such an impression that the director of the Agriculture & Turf Division reached out to DeAundr’e’s manager to praise his presentation.

His takeaway: nailing a presentation can have surprising, far-reaching benefits.

DeAndr’e has relied on the tools from his Dardis training ever since.

After his internship, DeAundr’e returned to Florida A & M to finish his education. He is involved on campus and this past year, he was a part of bringing Dardis training to his college classmates. As vice president of an organization called Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources & Related Sciences (MANRRS), DeAndr’e wanted to prepare its members for an upcoming competition. He connected Dardis with his advisors and this was the start of a new relationship.

They loved the Dardis training. “Those students dramatically improved,” he said. “They believed it was a great investment.”

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Client Testimonial

“Really enjoyed the course.  It was extremely informative, the content was great, the set-up was terrific, and I really enjoyed the in the moment feedback.”

-Dardis graduate from a University


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