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Fresh Air

All it takes to improve my day is a short walk. There’s something about a change of scenery that recharges me. The fresh air never fails.

Enrolling in a Dardis course has a similar effect. It allows you to step away from your daily routine and feel like a student again. When you return to your desk, you’re not the same. You’ve got new skills, new drive and a new perspective.


President & CEO

How To Graciously Receive A Compliment

Here are 3 common responses to receiving a compliment:

1.   Caught off guard and overwhelmed by a sense of modesty, the initial instinct when complimented is often to dismiss it.  Common responses sound like: “I don’t know about that.” Or, “Well, I wish that were true.” This may feel like the appropriate response, a show of humility, but Dardis instructors urge you to think about what you’re actually doing: You’re disputing the person. You’re taking the kind words someone chose to extend and pushing them away. We recommend meeting the compliment with kindness not curtness.

2.   A similar response is to change the subject after being complimented. It’s almost as if the person wants to pretend the compliment was not said. Again, step back and consider the nature of the exchange: Someone took the time and showed the courage to pay you a sincere compliment, and you’re ignoring it.

3.   A third response is to immediately return the compliment. “You’re even better at that.” “You’re the one doing the real work.” Again, this may feel like a humble response, but it’s not what the person giving the compliment was aiming for. They want a chance to say something admirable about you.

All this leads to the only gracious response to a compliment: show appreciation. Listen to it. Accept it. Smile!

A perfect response is a simple, “Thank you!”

Another excellent reply is, “That’s nice to hear!” This lets the person know their compliment had the intended effect: It made you feel good. You’re glad they said it. You’re not embarrassed by the compliment. You’re not rejecting the kindness; you’re embracing it.

Recommended Reading

I’m a dreamer, so the advice from Stephen Covey to “begin with the end in mind” has helped me justify the grand vision I harbor at the onset of a new project. It’s important to know where you’re going! All seven of Covey’s habits of effective people ring true, whether I’m trying to manage my time (“Put first things first”) or learn from the seismic cultural shifts rocking our nation (“Seek first to understand then be understood”). This bestseller is always worth a read.

Client Testimonial

“It’s probably the best course I have taken in some time. I learned the content, I understood the content, I will use the content. But more importantly, I gained some personal insight into certain behaviors that I have. That kind of insight is powerful. That was worth it alone!”

-Healthcare employee and recent Dardis graduate

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