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As an Iowan, March always feels like a turning point. The first hints of spring emerge, the snow melts away and we start anew. If there was ever a year that I appreciated spring – this is the year! A much more positive outlook is ahead of us, and for that I am truly grateful. Here’s to renewal, to spring and to seeing you — our partners, friends and family — in person!


President & CEO

Invest In Your People

One of the most powerful ways to show your employees that you appreciate them is to invest in them. When you provide them with professional development, you show them that you see a future in them – at your workplace.

The result of a development investment: an employee who feels motivated, who can’t wait to apply their new skills. And that employee often becomes a more vocal ambassador, broadcasting a positive experience about their workplace.

That’s what happened last month when Arienne Martinez participated in a Dardis workshop led by Tyson Greiner, Vice President, Training and International Etiquette Consultant for Dardis. Afterwards, she took to LinkedIn to sing its praises – and provide a major shout-out to her employer.

“The confidence you gain after working with Dardis is profound,” wrote Arienne, Director of Training and Development for VGM Homelink in Waterloo. “I am so thankful to work for an employer who values professional development and investing in their employees. I am excited to practice my new presentation skills in the future and get back to in-person interactions with my fellow coworkers!”

It’s clear that Arienne embraced the opportunity to refine her presentation skills – even though she went into the course with ample public-speaking experience and a belief that she “had the goods,” as she put it. Arienne set aside her preconceptions, worked hard to absorb every lesson from Tyson and then devoted time over the weekend to rest and reflect.

An employee like Arienne who puts in the work and then takes the time to really process it is a huge asset to any organization. VGM demonstrated how much they value her by enrolling her in a Dardis course. She felt affirmed; they got an employee with sharper skills and a newfound drive to apply them. Win-win!

Click here to learn more about the Leadership Presentation & Image Skills class that Arienne took.

Recommended Reading

Rob Beisenbach’s book “Unleash the Power of Storytelling” offers a simple structure to craft a story and shows readers how to harness the power of storytelling in any setting – from a job interview to a major presentation to a wedding toast. He writes: “In an age of information overload, stories manage to cut through the clutter, offering meaning and significance.”

Client Testimonial

“Much needed – especially under the current circumstances. Our instructor was instrumental in helping us identify areas to improve. Thank you so much!”

-Manufacturing employee and recent Dardis graduate

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