Say It Loud & Clear: Equality Matters

There’s no definitive rulebook for safe communication practices. But if there was, you’d be sure to find a page discussing controversial topics. In professional realms we are taught, overwhelmingly, to stray away from politics or potentially divisive current events, to avoid subjects that may make colleagues, employees, or superiors uncomfortable.

However, Dardis doesn’t view equality as a subject that’s inherently controversial. No matter your race, gender, background, or religious affiliation, Dardis is here. We’re here to support your communication training needs in a world that’s constantly changing. As professional communicators and leaders, we must examine ourselves tenaciously, question how we can do better, and explore how we can adapt normal day-to-day business operations in an evolving landscape.

One thing that will never change is our commitment to effective communication practices, and to making communication training accessible for ALL. From classroom learning to virtual training, our communication strategies have a proven track record of success and safety for all.

Whether it be in the boardroom or on a Zoom call, we are accustomed to speaking. In fact, our training and educational programs, as you likely know, are largely focused on refining the verbal and nonverbal demands associated with effective, powerful speech. But now, we must also listen. We must hear the experience of our friends and neighbors. We must dedicate ourselves to acting as allies and advocates. And we must never stop learning.

Moving Forward

Dardis is committed to continual growth. We know brands everywhere are speaking up, sending you emails just like this one. But real, tangible progress cannot come from words alone.

Without question, there is more we can do, more we must do. This is only the beginning. Below are a few informational resources we have identified to get things started: