Questions to Ask in Your Next Sales Meeting

Asking questions is fundamental part of the sales process: If you ask the right ones, you’ll better understand your customers’ needs—and how to solve them. Close the deal by asking these types of questions:

  • Background questions. Find out more about your customers’ purchase history and pain points before giving them the hard sell.
    • “What’s working well with your current process?”
    • “What would you change about it? Why?”
  • Rapport-building questions. These questions allow customers to talk openly about their needs—in their own words.
    • “What would success look like?”
    • “How will we know you’re happy with our solution?”
  • Closing questions. If, throughout your sales pitch, the customer hasn’t raised any objections, now is the time to bring them up.
    • “What are your thoughts so far?
    • “Is there any reason we shouldn’t move forward?”

Once you’ve addressed these questions, wrap it up with the most important ask: “How would you like to proceed?”