Safely Navigate the Office Holiday Party

When it comes to an office holiday party, balancing fun and professional can be tricky. Always remember that despite the holiday atmosphere, it’s still a work event.

Follow these tips to stay merry without compromising professionalism.

What to Wear? – Skip the elf costume unless requested. You can add whimsy to your attire by wearing holiday colors or a holiday-themed accessory.

Don’t Overdo the Holiday Spirits – An office party isn’t the time to test your cocktail tolerance. We advise no more than two alcoholic beverages at a work function.

Conversation 101 – Holiday parties are supposed to be fun, so don’t stress about the “right” or “wrong” way to converse. Instead, follow these guidelines to ensure everyone feels comfortable:

  • Introductions: As noted in our Presence, Image & Etiquette Program, business introductions are based on hierarchy. Essentially, the persons of lesser authority are introduced to persons of great authority.
  • Topics to avoid: politics, religion, off-color jokes, finances, and rumors.
  • Escaping: Bad conversations happen from time to time, but there’s a way to leave on a good note. Thank the person for their time, tell them you look forward to speaking again, and then exit. For example: “I need to say hello to someone I haven’t seen for a long time, but before I go I wanted to thank you for the great conversation. It was so nice to visit with you.”
  • Joining a new conversation: See a group that looks fun? Introduce yourself! Say, “This group looks fun! My name is Sam Smith—could I join you all?”

Still nervous? Dardis can help.