Use Mindfulness to Overcome Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking: two words that many people dread. Our palms get sweaty and our heart starts beating out of control—feelings we have all experienced. But what if there was a way to reduce this anxiety before giving a presentation?

Mindfulness is a tactic that many use to calm their nerves before presenting. It’s not a time to sit and worry, but rather moments during which you pause and notice what is happening in the present. Use these steps to be on your way to a more confident presentation:

  1. Halt negative thoughts. Rather than thinking in fear, train your mind to return your attention back to positive thoughts. This can be done through something as simple as taking slow breaths.
  2. Think of others. Shift your focus away from yourself, and think about how you can give value to the audience members through what you are presenting. They are giving you their time and attention, and in return, you should be giving them information and knowledge.
  3. Imagine all the scenarios. When meditating, take time to think of the range of possibilities that could occur during your presentation. Don’t think of it as a potential failure or success, but rather why the outcome could be that way. This will help you mentally prepare for whatever could happen.

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