Learn How Your Audience Thinks

Whether you’re giving a project update, delivering a sales pitch, or presenting at a conference, creating an audience persona can help you communicate your message more effectively.

What are They?

Audience personas are a collection of details, such as demographics, behaviors and desires, about your ideal or intended audience. Knowing these details helps you understand the audience, which allows you to create a strong, persuasive message.

Building Personas

Start with the basics: age, education, professional experience, industry pain points, etc.

Next, think about how these details affect your sales message. For example: When delivering to a group of executives, you can assume they have a high level of industry knowledge and experience. Therefore, your message can include specific industry language. You’ll also want to address a pain point—busy schedules—with a clear, concise presentation.

These questions will help you polish your audience personas and the messages you share with them:

  • What motivates your audience to act?
  • What could distract them from your message?
  • How do they best process information: anecdotes, details, visuals, etc?
  • What tactics have been successful in the past?

Use Them Wisely

Keep your audience profiles in mind whenever you are creating communication materials. They should shape what you will and will not say. If you’re communicating with several different audiences, you may need to create targeted materials aimed at each persona.

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