The Importance of Maintaining Professionalism Outside the Office


At Dardis, we stress the importance of maintaining a professional appearance at work: dressing the part, making good eye contact and speaking with confidence.

But no matter your title, the way you act outside the office can cost you or impact your company. Think twice about your professional appearance outside the office and after hours:

  • At a bar. When you’re out on a Friday enjoying a few post-work drinks with colleagues, you may feel inclined to let loose a little. Remember: If you act unprofessional in front of your peers, you may regret it at the office on Monday.
  • In the airport. Waiting to catch a flight and need to make a call? Watch your volume in the gate area, and don’t badmouth a coworker or client—you never know who could be watching or listening.
  • During your commute. The person you swerved in front of on the highway or bumped into on the train? He or she could always be a future client, boss or coworker. Always be polite and professional—even if other commuters are not.
  • On social media. Even outside the office, you’re representing your company. You never know who could find your social media profiles, so don’t use them to post grievances about your company or peers.

Learn the skills to polish your professional presence—whether you’re at work or not—at the next Dardis Leadership Presence & Image Skills seminar.