Qualities that Reveal Executive Presence


Have you ever been in a meeting or presentation in which one of the participants just seemed to stand out? If you have, you were likely witnessing executive presence in action.

People who have excellent executive presence are very good at consistently projecting specific qualities to their audience.  These include:

  • Candor: They’re honest and tell it like it is, but with a purpose. They play devil’s advocate without malice, and challenge others to make decisions based on the best conclusion.
  • Clarity: They speak in a clear, compelling way so everyone in the room understands their thought process.
  • Openness: They aren’t judgmental of people or ideas and are willing to consider another point of view.
  • Passion: They express commitment, motivation and drive that shows people they really believe and care about what they do.
  • Poise: They have a polished and professional image and convey sophistication.
  • Self-confidence: They have an air of assurance in their skills and ideas without being egotistical.
  • Sincerity: They show conviction by believing and meaning what they say.
  • Thoughtfulness: They give forethought to something before responding. They consider how their words will be received before speaking.
  • Warmth: They’re accessible to others and make others feel like they’re valued.

People with executive presence recognize that how they package their “personal content” is equally important as the message itself. Even more important? It’s what the audience spends the most time evaluating.

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