How to Explain Your Strengths and Experience


Whether you’re in an interview or networking, you’ve probably been asked to tell someone a little bit about yourself. But what do you say?

You may have a tendency to ramble off what sounds like a resume, but it’s better to show your skills rather than tell. Here are 3 ways to explain your strengths and experiences, without sounding like a broken record:

  1. Describe an accomplishment – Telling what you’re capable of doesn’t make as much of an impression as giving an example of a specific project or achievement that you are proud of. Describing an accomplishment will reveal what you are passionate about. And it’s a way to give more detail about your background as opposed to just stating what you’ve done in the past.
  1. Be personal – This is your time to talk about you and to get personal. Anyone can say they are passionate about their company or something they’ve worked on, but the “why” is what will stand out. That bit of extra detail—anything from a personal story to an experience that had an impact on you—is what will be most memorable.
  1. Show ambition – By sharing your ambitions, you can express your goals and the process it will take to get there. Do this by telling a story or explaining what your goals mean to you and how you will accomplish them. Try not to talk about yourself in a shallow way, but rather in a confident, ambitious manner.

These three things will help you stand out from others. Are you ready to speak with more confidence and conviction? Attend one of our Leadership Presentation & Image Skills programs for more expert guidance.