How to Make a Dress Code “You”


Corporate dress codes aren’t everyone’s idea of fun style, but there are ways to stand out and own it!

Play with Shape. All suits are not made the same. Three-piece, double-breasted, fluted skirt, wide-leg pant; there are tons of fun options if you can get over the “I have to wear a suit” dread. And make sure it fits like a glove.

Groom. Seize the opportunity to add style to your hair, facial hair, and makeup. If you’re not sure what would look good on you, ask a colleague who’s grooming you admire for their stylist.

Accessories. Hopefully this is a no brainer, but there are so many accessories that can add character to your look: scarves, pocket squares, ties, watches, jewelry, even the glasses you wear every day. The key is to not let your accessories overwhelm you.