3 Tips to Counter Negative Team Dynamics


From an absence of leadership to a hefty dose of workplace politics, team dynamics have the potential to derail your plans and goals. Try these approaches to common obstacles between coworkers:

  1. Target your message to the audience. You may be more persuasive with your boss if you share how your idea supports corporate goals; a team of colleagues may need to understand how their individual participation in your plans will make a difference.
  2. If your operation is “siloed,” work to build professional alliances across several groups. Not only will you be developing relationships with your peers in other departments, you might also be in a better position to withstand power shifts and organizational changes in the workplace.
  3. Diffuse tensions between you and an upset coworker by being direct. Ask if the person can clarify any problems with you or your work and be willing to admit it if you misinterpreted a situation. Try to square things up one on one before bringing the issue to your superior.

Active listening is one of your best tools for navigating negative team dynamics. To learn more, read our post on active listening here.