How to Improve Your Leadership Presence


Good leadership presence is the X factor: You know it when you see it. It’s the way people carry themselves, the way they shake your hand and the way they look you in the eye during a conversation. John Baldoni, a coach and public speaker, defines leadership presence as “an earned authority.”

Here are a few tips for improving yours:

  1. Prove your credibility. A huge part of leadership presence (and your ability to inspire others) is credibility. Credibility comes from a deep knowledge of your subject matter; it doesn’t arise out of smooth-sounding, empty rhetoric. Leaders with presence back up each decision with a proven process and a logical “why.”
  2. Inspire with confidence. Leaders with presence trusts their teams’ abilities, but they also support their teams. Because of their confidence and knowledge, their teams believe them and follow their leads.
  3. Stay grounded. Humility is inspiring and empowering. According to Baldoni, part of leaders’ power is a belief in their teams’ abilities, not just their own. Humble leaders recognize that other people have good answers, too.

Having good leadership presence is important to your professional success. Dardis Communications can teach you how to create lasting, positive impressions and convey your earned authority in our Professional Presence, Image & Etiquette seminar.