Twas the Night Before…


Twas the Night Before…

(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through our place
We sat down to dinner,
To give thanks and say grace.

I thought about previous years
How they were such a bummer
And how this one was better
It was such a wonder.

You see, I was stuck in my job
No advancement in sight.
No matter what I did
Nothing seemed right.

I knew I was better,
But could not get promoted.
I worked hard and long hours
It felt like I was demoted.

Then one day I spotted,
While surfing the web,
A website that held promise
And it stuck in my head.

I bookmarked the name,
Dardis Communications it said,
This looked very promising
A good way ahead.

A public seminar an option
That seemed right for me,
So I signed up for a session,
And awaited with glee.

Leadership Presentation and Image Skills
Was the program I chose.
The selection was perfect,
Hit my needs on the nose!

Two wonderful days I spent
Learning new skills.

The Dardis team made it fun,
Interactive, not drills.

Display Confidence. Learn Clarity. Enhance Presentation.
Captivate Audiences. Manage Nerves. Learn Organization.
Read Body Language. Exude Presence. Convincing Delivery.
What joy to discover this wasn’t just wizardry.

I worked and I practiced
And applied what I learned,
And then one day,
I reaped what I earned.

The boss approached me,
With accolades and praise,
She took me aside,
To offer me a promotion and raise!

As I sat here and thought
Of the choice I had made,
To invest in myself
And how well it paid.

We gave thanks at the table
And I drew up with a blink,
As I thought I heard whispered,
“Speak as well as you think.”