How to Prepare for Video Interview Success


If you haven’t had a video interview yet, you most likely will. According to SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 75 percent of executives now use live video interviews for recruiting. Showing your professional best on a webcam can be tough. Here are three simple tips to ease the process by setting the stage for a successful interview.

  1. Dress the part—head to toe

    Suit on top and PJs on bottom? Try again. You’ll exude confidence and professionalism when you look your best, even if the interviewer can’t see your freshly shined shoes.

  2. Test your technology

    Check and double-check your camera and Internet connection a day before the interview. Test the video software by video-calling a friend.

  3. Prep the space

    Take a look at what your audience will see in the video, and make sure it looks flattering and professional. This means clearing clutter or personal items around and behind you and making sure the lighting is just right.

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