5 Tips to Pitch With Poise

The formula for a good sales pitch is universal, whether you’re trying to land a sale, promote your idea or sell yourself in a performance review. Follow these five tips to build rapport and propel your ideas forward:

  1. Monitor body language

    The key is to be believable, trustworthy and confident. Eye contact is imperative. Focus intently on your conversation partner. Good posture goes far, also. Try sitting in a comfortable position halfway between stiff and relaxed.

  2. Listen more than you speak

    While this may seem counterintuitive, your pitch will be more compelling if you ask questions and listen. Remember: The sale is about the person to whom you’re selling. Instead of saying “I,” “my” and “me,” be more inclusive with words such as “us,” “our” and “we.”

  3. Know your audience

    Research your audience as much as possible. When you tailor your message, you’ll make more meaningful connections—and you’ll avoid saying anything inappropriate.

  4. Keep it real

    Be genuine with your statements and avoid excessive enthusiasm or added fluff. People can sense exaggeration. Keep your tone conversational, your volume appropriate and your talking speed in check.

  5. Substantiate your comments

    When you’re talking about your offerings, use specific examples of how your service has helped others. Stats and numbers are very persuasive and they allow your service to speak for itself.

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