The Benefits of Being Brief with the Boss


Face time with your boss is an opportunity to make a positive impression, so we recommend some preparation. For starters, keep your meeting short: three minutes or less. Set the expectation that you’ll be succinct with your messages, which will buy you more opportunities for one-on-one meetings. You don’t want to develop a reputation for taking too long to get to the point, getting lost in too many details or taking time that neither you nor your manager has. Build a positive reputation for being clear, complete and concise.

Follow these tips to do just that:

  1. Articulate the importance of information

    Remind your boss of the issue at hand, and try to quote him or her on its level of priority.
    “When we last met on this, you made the point that…”

  2. State the major headlines and findings

    Outline the most significant information as bullet points. Again, be clear and concise:
    “My major findings are…”

  3. Expand the headlines

    Elaborate on the headlines using only the information your boss needs to make a decision. For example:
    “I’m going to elaborate on the budget restraint, because this will impact our ability to move forward.”

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