5 Ways to Engage Your Audience


You know your topic inside and out. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to share your knowledge in ways that engage, connect or spark continuing interest. Before giving your next presentation, keep these five delivery tips in mind:

  1. Speak to the audience

    As a subject matter expert, remember that you have knowledge about a topic that your audience does not. For a successful and engaging presentation, meet audience members on their knowledge level—for example, avoid jargon or acronyms if the audience is new to the topic.

  2. Make a heartfelt connection

    Give your audience members the sense that you care about them by connecting with them on a personal level. Make eye contact throughout the room. Skipping this human connection can make your presentations feel both overwhelming and rehearsed.

  3. Show the listener respect

    Don’t make assumptions about your audience members or be judgmental and critical of their lack of knowledge. If you disrespect them, they’ll disrespect you back—and you’ll lose their interest completely.

  4. Inspire follow-up action

    Your message won’t stick in attendees’ minds if you don’t motivate them to do something with what you’ve just shared. Think about how you can connect with your audience members after your presentation and explain how they can make use of your information in ways that improve their lives.

  5. Leave a lasting message

    With millions of webcasts, seminars, workshops and talks available at your audience’s fingertips, your presentation will have enormous competition. Your message won’t stand out if you don’t clearly convey its significance. If you’re simply sharing dry information and not touching on the vital essence of your material, your presentation won’t be successful.

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