Creating a Roadmap for Achievement


Trying to choose some new professional goals? Put effective communication at the top of your list.

Professionals who consistently demonstrate their abilities as solid and confident communicators get noticed—something that’s extremely important in today’s highly competitive and challenging work environment.

Here are three communication-related goals to consider setting for yourself:

Brush up on your presentation skills.
If your communications pain points are delivering presentations and speaking in public, make it your goal to become an accomplished and effective speaker. Remember: Work situations that require presentations and public speaking aren’t limited to large audiences. You’ll be called upon to speak in many different situations where you’ll want to shine—such as one-on-one conversations, team meetings or in small group gatherings.

Develop your writing skills.
Enhance the quality, readability and accuracy of your communications by striving for absolute professionalism in all your writing. Some easy changes:

  • Carefully proofread every email, letter and report.
  • Work to improve your vocabulary.
  • Maintain a professional communication style at work—and reserve your casual communication style for personal messaging.

Consider getting a personal coach.
It’s a competitive world out there, and your communication skills may benefit under the direction of a personal coach. Many companies today offer leadership coaching to help their leaders maintain focus, gain poise and confidence and communicate more effectively.

Effective communication is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s workplace. Make it your personal and professional goal to become an effective and accomplished communicator.

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