10 Essential Business Etiquette Tips


In the business world, it’s not always what you do—but how you do it. The smallest of gestures can do everything from impress to insult, and in a competitive business environment, you will always be judged on how you conduct yourself.

To avoid business etiquette faux pas, keep these tips top of mind:

  1. Make sure your business cards are clean, neat or protected in a card case.
  2. Don’t write on someone’s business card, if not instructed to do so.
  3. Avoid letting your phone ring during a business meeting or meal, or (worse) taking the call without excusing yourself.
  4. Always leave your telephone number in voice messages to make it easy to return your call.
  5. Keep a voice message to 90 seconds or less to be respectful of the receiver’s time.
  6. Arrive on time—or early—to business meetings, meals or other gatherings.
  7. Make the conversation about the other person, not you—by using your active listening skills.
  8. Ask conversational (not controversial) questions to create dialogue or small talk.
  9. Avoid sensitive topics such as religion, politics and money.
  10. Know your dining etiquette—including how to properly use dinnerware.

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