Impacts of Poor Communication


There are so many things we can’t control on a daily basis. Why not control what we can?

Communication is something we can control and when we don’t—it can be costly.  Consider the impacts of poor communication:

  1. Increased employee turnover – Employee replacement costs can be as high as three times the person’s annual salary. Companies that communicate effectively are more likely to report lower employee turnover levels than companies that are the least effective communicators.
  2. Increased absenteeism – Industry variations on absenteeism rates often correlate to companies’ communication practices. Where employees feel fully informed, absence rates are typically below average.
  3.  Poor customer service – Poor communications with employees lead to frustrating communications with customers. Employees who lack guidance from management and are locked out of genuine dialogue about their job struggles are less likely to know how to satisfy customers. Worse yet, they may lose their commitment to delivering good customer service.
  4. Failed project delivery – A majority of projects begun meet with failure—resulting in budget overruns, project cancellations and damaged corporate or professional reputations. Poor communication is often cited as the main cause of failure.

Poor communication can impact business and professional performance in several more areas. If you need to boost your own communication skills, Dardis Communications is here to help.