Unlocking the Secrets to Motivation

The difference between wanting to make a change and sustaining that effort boils down to one vital element: motivation. It’s how lasting change happens. Fortunately, there are ways to spur your motivation and stay on track.

Keep in mind that effort goes hand-in-hand with motivation. Too often, people wait until they’re feeling motivated to put forward any effort, but in reality, the act of exerting effort increases motivation. Whether you’re decluttering a closet or clearing out an inbox, recognize that the act of getting started feels good. So start by setting small goals that don’t intimidate; if these tasks get you going, you’ll probably blow past them with ease. Pay attention to the effort you’re making, because attention helps you stay motivated. Keep a positive attitude about what you’re accomplishing, and appreciate what feels good about the environment you’re creating through your actions. Both of these mindsets also help you stay on track.

Before you start working toward a goal, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you believe your goal is attainable?
  • What kind of people have you surrounded yourself with?
  • What barriers have you allowed into your workplace and home?

Your responses can help show you a path toward success and reveal roadblocks that may be keeping you from achieving your goal.

The best reward of pouring your effort and attention into a goal and feeling the motivation flow is that it’s fun. It’s exciting to take action; it’s fun to make progress. It feels good to believe you can be better tomorrow and to work toward that belief.

Personal coaching from Dardis can help you evaluate and set new goals—and stay with them until you achieve success.