3 Things That Come with Getting a Promotion

A promotion may sound great, but besides having a different title, have you truly thought about the changes that the change might represent?

Getting a promotion means moving up the ladder, and with that move, you’ll assume new roles. To fully prepare yourself, consider these 3 things that may come along with a promotion opportunity:

  1. More responsibility

While a new position will mean taking on more tasks or challenging new projects, have you considered the other responsibilities that come with a promotion? You’ll be working at a higher level—which also means that more eyes and ears will be tuned in to what you’re doing. In addition to your new work duties, you will need to be a pro at prioritizing projects, managing your time and communicating with others.

  1. Different opportunities

When you started working, you may have seen lots of promotional opportunities in the workplace that interested you. But as you begin moving up the ladder, each new step in your career can mean less obvious opportunities. Unique project assignments, relocation opportunities, changing departments—all can create growth. The path may not always be clear, so evaluate new opportunities with an eye toward your future and your professional goals.

  1. Managing time differently

With your new position, you will be expected to take on new projects. You don’t want to do this by always coming in earlier or staying late. Given your promotion, consider what no longer needs your attention, what can be delegated to create opportunities for others and how you may streamline what exists. With a new role, your time should be spent in a new way.

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