Learn from Jimmy Fallon: Write Thank You Notes!

Everything seems to be digital in today’s world, from sending emails to sharing news with other employees. We get so engrossed in our devices that we can forget the impact of thoughtful gestures—such as writing a thank-you note using pen and paper. Does this take longer than simply clicking “Send?” Yes. But is it more memorable? Yes!

Handwritten thank-you notes are a great way to express your gratitude. It’s not something everyone is expecting, and it will speak volumes about the kind of person you are. Here are three reasons why a handwritten thank-you note can be important:

  1. It sets you apart.

Our inboxes are constantly full of emails, and sometimes a simple “thank-you” email may get lost in with the others. When you send a handwritten note, it shows that you took the time to think of the person you met with.  These days, snail mail is unique!

  1. It demonstrates your communication skills.

When you send an email, you have the ability to spell-check and edit your mistakes before you send it off. But with handwritten notes, your writing takes on its own unique form of communication. It shows that you thought about what you were writing, and it offers the reader a sense of how you communicate.

  1. It helps you build a relationship.

Once you’ve proven that you’re willing to take the time to write handwritten notes, your recipients are more likely to value your appreciation and to see its worth. Even if they don’t hire you for a position or buy your product, you will be someone they remember for this small gesture.

Thank-you notes can go a long way toward supporting your professional image: They demonstrate your warmth and gratitude and showcase your appreciation for others. To learn more ways to improve your professional image, contact us at Dardis Communications or sign up for our Leadership Presentation & Image Skills program.