Are You and Your Employees Dressing the Part?

What you wear to work not only impacts your success, but it impacts those around you and is integral to you and your business’ brand. First impressions matter. When you are giving a presentation, meeting with a client, or entering an interview, you’ll want to make sure those people form a positive opinion about you.

According to a study published in Business Insider, people will form an impression within seven to 17 seconds of first meeting you, and 55% of those impressions are determined by physical appearance. Dressing to reflect your brand has other benefits, too:

  1. Uniformity: When customers walk into a business and see everyone dressed similarly, they will perceive that, no matter who they interact with, they will get the same level of quality and service.
  2. Less confusion: If customers can easily identify those who are representing your company, they will experience less confusion about who to speak with. It may be a subtle effort, but you’ll be increasing their satisfaction in the long run.
  3. Brand awareness: Whether your employees wear logo embroidered shirts, name tags, or dress clothes each day, wearing the same type of attire portrays an operation with a unified brand. This will enhance your customers’ first impression because it also suggests your team is unified in its desire to solve your customers’ problems.

When you and your employees “dress the part,” you’ll be emphasizing your professionalism and image in the industry—benefits that extend much further than the actual clothes you’re wearing.

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