Use Virtual Meetings to Your Advantage

Video conferences can save time, reduce costs and improve communications—and it’s a meeting format that’s used in businesses around the world.

According to a recent survey by Polycom, 96% of business decision-makers believe video conferencing improves productivity between teams in different locations. Other factors driving the increase in video conferencing include travel reduction, ever-improved technologies and the need to support workers in different locations.

Hosting a virtual meeting is not always an “either-or” decision. Virtual meetings can be used in addition to or as part of existing in-person meetings, rather than replacing those meetings entirely. Integrating video conferences with face-to-face meetings allows meeting sponsors to reach broader audiences. Another application for virtual meetings is to conduct pre-meeting or follow-up tasks that are related to a face-to-face meeting. These virtual “bookends” help ensure that the overall objectives of the face-to-face meeting are met.

Keep these tips in mind for your next virtual meeting:

  • Ensure that presenters have the appropriate communication skills to effectively deliver the message. This keeps the focus on the message, not the medium.
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough that all participants can hear what’s being said.
  • Consider the background: Keep it simple and without distracting clutter.
  • Remember to make eye contact with your virtual participants, just as you would if they were around the conference table.
  • If you’re logging into a virtual meeting, be sure your location is professional. When possible, call from a quiet office, not a coffee shop or an airline terminal.
  • Mute or turn off your cell phone during the meeting. Give the meeting your full attention.

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