Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Dardis!

Throughout the year, we’re privileged and thankful to help our clients make a difference in their careers through improved professional presence and communications skills.

Now the Thanksgiving table is set—and ours has a few surprises. Can you spot 10 differences between these photos? Look carefully, have fun, and enjoy yourself this holiday season! (Scroll down for the answers.)

With our deepest gratitude – Your Team at Dardis Communications
























  1. Sprouts / Pumpkin Pie
  2. Fork / No Fork
  3. Roast / Ham
  4. Orange Place Tag / Red Place Tag
  5. White Wine / Red Wine
  6. No Place Tag / Place Tag
  7. One Lemon / Two Lemons
  8. No Decoration on Napkin / Decoration on Napkin
  9. Pumpkin / Apple
  10. Stuffing / Sprouts