5 Ways to Enhance Workplace Communication

Effective communication builds better work environments: It boosts productivity, saves time and improves relationships between coworkers. Hone your communication skills with these five tips:

  1. Speak with clarity and focus. When you try to cover too much at once, you could easily be misunderstood. Review your talking points before a meeting so that you stick by your own plan.
  2. Use email wisely. Meeting in person is many time more effective than sending an email. Evaluate the topic at hand to see if there’s a possibility your email could be misunderstood. If there is, find another way to connect. Face-to-face meetings or phone calls are usually best for complicated or sensitive topics.
  3. Ask questions. Try to ask insightful questions in each meeting. According to entrepreneur Kevin Daum’s article, “8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Right Now,” this will help you understand what is being said and keep everyone engaged.
  4. Curb negative emotions. In his video on team communication, business expert Alex Charfen stresses that aggressive communication leads to misunderstandings. If you are upset, take a few minutes to breathe and regain your composure before you approach the situation.
  5. Practice closure. Define the next steps at the end of a meeting, and send a confirmation when you receive an email. These measures ensure that everyone is on the same page.

When you communicate effectively, you earn respect and improve efficiency in your office. Hone your communication skills in Dardis Communications’ Leadership Presentation & Image Skills program.