How to Conduct Sales Over the Phone

Making sales calls over the phone can be nerve-wracking and time consuming, and many times, you won’t get a decision maker on the phone right away. Your approach is everything to connecting with a decision maker and sealing the deal over the phone. Navigate your next sales call with these tips:

Don’t sweat it if your contact doesn’t answer. Everyone’s busy, and an unanswered call shouldn’t deter you. If someone else answers, find out the best time to contact the decision maker. And if your call goes to voicemail, keep your message short and sweet. State your name, company and phone number, and be slow and deliberate with your message. Overall, stay upbeat, positive and persistent!

Start a conversation. Once you get decision makers on the phone, communicate who you are and why you’re calling. After you’ve given them a good reason to listen, move them to meet with you. Wait until the very end of your call to ask for a meeting; asking earlier could seem pushy and might even be a deal breaker.

Focus on the how. When you’re talking to decision makers, it’s important to focus on how your product or service can help them with their goals. The call is about them, not you, so don’t talk about how their business would benefit you. Tailor each “how” to every potential customer’s needs, and remember: One size does not fit all.

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