6 Qualities that Impress Potential Employers

Interviewing can be overwhelming for someone who genuinely wishes to impress but does not know how. Employers look for individuals who display certain positive qualities that are pivotal to the success of any company. Display these qualities during an interview and you’ll make a lasting impression:

  1. It’s contagious! Show enthusiasm for the job you are applying for, and convey that you are the one to take the job seriously.
  2. Let the interviewers know you are self-motivated by displaying a motivating attitude. Tell them about your past work experiences in which you motivated your coworkers or team members to accomplish the job.
  3. Speak confidently about your abilities and discuss difficult situations in which you successfully rose to the occasion.
  4. Employers will take note of how well you develop your thoughts and convey them through your speech. Consider this order: Listen—Think—Speak.
  5. Being sociable means greeting others, being conversational and all-around friendly. That starts with the receptionist: He or she may take note of this and pass this on to your interviewer.
  6. Are you projecting an image of professionalism by demonstrating that you have the right blend of technical and soft skills, mixed with positive energy and presence? This also pertains to your attire. Dress for the job you want, and increase the chance you will get it.

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Wow potential employers with skills honed at our next Professional Presence, Image and Etiquette program.