Tips for Mastering Impromptu Speaking


Most of our day-to-day communication is impromptu on some level—maybe a friend asks for your perspective or a coworker strikes up a conversation. Yet when it comes to meetings and presentations, off-the-cuff speaking seems daunting. That’s a natural feeling, but it’s not one you must live with. You can position yourself to thrive in impromptu situations with a little bit of structure.

Speaking on the Spot

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to—and shouldn’t—say the first thing that pops into your mind. Take a few seconds to organize your thoughts and then speak.

To practice your delivery, remember the three S’s:

  • State: Clearly state your position about the subject being discussed.
  • Support: Provide examples, evidence and proof to support your position.
  • Summarize: Conclude with a quick summary of your point of view.

In other words—say it, support it and restate it!

Ready for more practice? A Leadership Presentation and Image Skills program is the perfect place to develop your impromptu speaking skills.