How to Greet Others in Different Countries


Every country around the world has its own customs for meeting and greeting. With all the cultural nuances, do research so that you not only make a great first impression but you put your audience at ease. Before you “shake on it,” consider a few common greeting rituals around the world:

  • China – The Chinese nod or bow slightly when greeting another person, although handshakes are common. 
  • Japan – It is normal to shake hands frequently. Sometimes a bow is included or substituted.
  • France – The French always shake hands in business meetings, but all other greetings involve kissing cheeks.
  • Russia – Russians tend to shake hands frequently but never while wearing gloves.
  • South Africa – A strong handshake and a good grip are appreciated in this country.
  • India and Pakistan – Hosts in these countries shake hands by grasping your hand in both of theirs and briefly holding your hand.

The bottom line: Do your homework. As a result, you will create a warm and welcoming environment.

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