Are You Asking the Right Questions?


If you practice consultative selling methods, you need to internalize this: A key to closing a deal is to ask conditional questions.

Conditional questions help define what conditions you must meet for the client or prospect to move forward with business. For example: “If we can customize this solution for you, when would we get started?”

These important closing questions emphasize the needs of the customer, while guiding them toward your product or service. Structuring questions this way fosters trust because you’re creating a buying environment rather than a selling environment.

Here are a few examples of conditional questions that you can practice:

  • If we were to move forward, how large would your order be?
  • If we offer you a multi-program discount today, would you feel comfortable moving forward with all three sessions?
  • If we could accelerate this time line, would that aid your decision?

This technique is not limited to those in sales. We all “sell” when we’re persuading our teams or influencing others. Use conditional questioning whenever you want to move your audience toward your end goal.

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