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Once you’ve attended a professional workshop with Dardis Communications, you can keep the momentum going with our new virtual courses.

We’ve just launched a series of ten online modules to help you continue your professional communications education. You can complete the modules on your own time and at your convenience—at home, work, or anywhere with Internet access.

Each module has three components: a 30-minute video, a presentation that you’ll build based on the topic and upload to the server, and a one-on-one follow-up consultation with a Dardis coach.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find in the virtual series.

  • Master Focused Eye Contact
    Eye contact is crucial for effective communication. We’ll help you leverage eye contact to appear confident, believable and trustworthy.
  • Engage with Visual and Vocal Energy
    In this course, we’ll teach you how to engage your audience by looking and sounding energetic, enthusiastic and professional.
  • Deliver Bad News Professionally
    Our proven approach will help you organize your thoughts, deliver bad news and focus on solutions.
  • Open and Close Presentations with Impact
    You only get ten seconds to capture your audience’s attention. We’ll teach you to open with impact and move listeners to action.
  • Build a Persuasive Message
    Research shows that you’re persuading your audience 86% of the time. We’ll help you build persuasive presentations that get results.
  • Use visual aids effectively
    We’ll teach you how to use visuals like PowerPoint slides as an aid to a powerful presentation—not the focus of one.
  • Tell Compelling Stories
    Make your message memorable by supporting it with stories. We’ll provide tools for effective professional storytelling in this course.
  • Build an Informative Message
    Giving an update or briefing to someone is effective when it’s concise. Our informative road map will help you make your point efficiently.
  • Speak on the Spot Persuasively
    This course will help you organize your thoughts, state a point of view and support it with confidence when you’re put on the spot.
  • Leverage Technology During Presentations
    Virtual meetings are becoming more common. We’ll help make your online presentations as effective as the ones you deliver in person.

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