How to Spring Clean Your Professional Wardrobe

Spring cleaning: something we all talk about but usually dread doing. While cleaning out the kitchen or old cabinets may not sound thrilling, try de-cluttering your closet. With the weather starting to change, spring is the perfect time to assess your wardrobe and make it a winning one.

Here’s how we recommend going about the process:

Step 1: Take everything out of your closet and start making piles according to the type of clothing.

Step 2: Try it all on, one by one. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself questions like:

  • “Is this me?”
  • “Will I wear this again?”
  • “Does this still fit me?”
  • “Does this color flatter me?”
  • “Is this appropriate for at least one aspect of my life?”
  • “Does this style appeal to me?”

As you being to go through this step, take note of the clothing you wear more often. What do you love about those pieces? Why does it work well for you? The end goal is to have those features in all of your clothing.

Step 3:  Try on new clothing combinations. This can help determine new ensembles you never thought to try out. Pro tip: include any accessories in this step such as jewelry and watches.

Step 4: Now that you’ve tried on everything, this is where the hard part comes in. Place all clothing in three different piles.

  • Items you love and wear regularly
  • Items to be altered/tailored
  • Items to be donated/sold.

Step 5: After having done that, take inventory of items you put into each pile. This will show you which items you consistently love, and which to avoid buying in the future.

Step 6: Lastly, put away the items you have committed to keep back in your closet. Hang similar items together in one area. Properly put away items you intend to donate or sell.

Regularly cleaning out your closet is crucial to staying fresh and up to date in the professional world, so we recommend conducting wardrobe audits once or twice a year. Soon enough, your closet will become the cleanest room in your home.